What does Knitting have to do with Organ Transplants?

Nothing! Absolutely nothing, except that somehow there’s a correlation.  Here goes…

Two years ago, I went to the Knit Trade show up in Barrie.  I met Dennis the Addi distributor and this funky woman named Janie.

Janie and I have sort of kept in touch since then and threatened to visit each other, and Janie did last summer.  We had dinner, found out we had even more in common, like yarn addiction, and fast forward to the last few weeks, when Janie calls to let me know that she’s going to be in town again because her friend/neighbour, Sherry, from across the street is getting a live donor’s liver transplant from a nurse in Ottawa.

Janie says she’s going to stay at the Delta, to which I say ‘nonsense, you can crash on my couch’.  She calls back, the transplant’s been delayed, maybe next week.  I get a call last week from Janie.  She’s coming tomorrow; the surgery is set for Tuesday.  She arrived last Wednesday, since the recipient is from out of town and has no family in Toronto, Janie wants to be there the next day when she comes to.  So I find myself visiting this woman I’ve never met who just got a liver from her nurse in Ottawa and I’m feeling surrounded by saints.  Then Sherry tells me that she’s only known Janie for a year; apparently Sherry had collapsed, been given 24 hours to live and Janie came to Toronto to have her liver tested to see if she could be a donor!

Normally I wouldn’t tell this part of the story. I took on visiting Sherry since she has no family here and went over to the hospital today.  Shortly after I arrived, a woman named Pam, walks in wearing hospital gowns along with her daughter, Sarah, who is 16 years old.  Long story short, she too is recovering from a live donor’s liver transplant.  Sarah is staying at the Delta.  I’m aghast.  What do you mean, I say?  Isn’t there a matching program so that out of town folks have a place to stay that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.  They explain they’ve been saving for when the day came and Sarah worked all last summer to save for this.

You all know I haven’t been well and have been off my day job and haven’t been around the shop much either.  I’ve been wondering why this is happening since I always think that there’s a reason for everything.  And now I think  that knitting might actually have birthed a new program to connect out of town folks with people locally to give them a cheaper way to be with family like this who get organ donations since I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who would give up her couch or a spare bedroom so that organ donors/recipients can have family around when they wake up!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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