Lettuce Knit is For Sale

Dear Friends, Artists, Colleagues, Clients & Followers!

It is with mixed feelings that Ange and I announce that we are putting Lettuce Knit up for sale.

You all know that LK has been my baby for the last three years but I’ve had to be off work for nearly a year now, and as I gear up to return to my full time job, I realise that I can’t do both anymore.

I had a vision when we bought the store to make it predominantly Canadian, with exclusive Canadian artists and brands that support Canadian jobs. We thank Lisa Mutch (NBK), Julie Asselin, Kathryn Drysdale (Riverside Studio) & Samantha Perrault (Scrumptiouspurl) for being mutually exclusive. We continued to carry exceptional brands such as Blue Moon Fiber Arts from the U.S. because of its exclusivity with Lettuce Knit in Canada at the time.

I feel good about what we accomplished in the last three years — building a strong community, having charitable impact, forming friendships, doing exciting projects like Tim Horton’s yarn bombing, the Gay Sweater, and for developing staff that made our value proposition unique in the Toronto marketplace. Lettuce Knit is a gem of a store — clean and tidy but with warmth and a truly welcoming atmosphere. Thanks to Amelia, Brenna, Shannon and Barbara and all our previous staff for manifesting this vision.

We just had our epic sale to clear up old inventory so that the store that is on the market today is a solid going concern with international brand recognition. Lettuce Knit will continue “business as usual” until it is sold. New orders from our artists will keep coming in. This week alone, orders are shipping or have already shipped from NBK, Riverside Studio and Scrumptiouspurl! Stay tuned on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for breaking news and pictures. In fact, Lisa Mutch will be joining us for Stitch Night on July 8th and shipped us an order this morning.

We will entertain serious offers from potential buyers. You may reach out to us at info@lettuceknit.com.


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