THE END of a chapter…

Today at 6:00 pm we ceased operations of the brick & mortar store, Lettuce Knit!

Ange and I are overwhelmed by the support that the knitting community locally and across Canada & the US showed us this past month.

With Ange and I being at work, we entrusted the sale to Claude and Barb to handle, and they did so with professionalism and commitment, and made sure that our interests were looked after. We cannot thank them enough!! They did such a good job that there are but a few skeins of yarn left.

We had an interesting customer come out of the woodwork; she bought us out of a couple of lines of yarn!!! I’d never quite experienced this before. Thank you Ravelry’s Knittintherapist, Lesley!

Suki takes first place though! She was in every single week, buying as much as she could, and bringing us treats as sustenance, right up to today!

And then there were¬†many others of you I didn’t get to meet in person. Our last customer was a brand new knitter who has been in several times in the past month — wide eyed, full of questions and excited about her new craft! She already has a stash!!!

Stay tuned for the next chapter…

Syl & Ange


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