Welcome 2015!

Hello 2015!

Meet the gang from left to right in the back -- Amy, Shannon, Amelia, Angela, and in the front, our store manager, Scottie, and Sylvie

Meet the gang from left to right in the back — Amy, Shannon, Amelia, Angela, and in the front, our store manager, Scottie, and Sylvie

I am so excited about this year. Many things are happening at Lettuce Knit.  You know us, we’re a dynamic, controversial, and trendsetting bunch so there’s never a dull moment.  Speaking of which, Americo Original and Lettuce Knit have struck a deal for us to carry Americo Original plant based yarns, including the amazing Bebe, Matizada and Cotton Flamme, effective immediately.

I haven’t unpacked all the bags yet, but the yarn is in the store and I’m happily working away on a sample (well I was until I started typing this).  Some of you already know that I have a very deep love and respect for Nicole, the owner of Americo Original, and I honestly have store envy.  When we bought Lettuce Knit, Ange was like “Syl, how come we have all this disposable income suddenly to throw at the store?” My response: “I guess Nicole misses me”.  Many of you have benefitted from my destashing over the past couple of years, but now I can knit my Americo yarn, in the store, with impunity.

My love for both Americo Original and Lettuce Knit is well known. I was a very new knitter when we bought the store and I shopped at both Lettuce Knit and Americo Original so it seems fitting to me that I should have the brand in the store.  Yay for us and for you, our clients and friends.

Anyway, … have you taken a look at our Events calendar lately? There is a class scheduled almost every single day for the next 4 months.  You and our amazing instructors have made that possible.  We’ve reset the blackboard to count the number of new Stitchers for 2015; we look forward to getting to know our new stitchers and transforming their lives. It’s like that with our crafts, isn’t it?  Whether you want to learn to knit, crochet, needle felt, stash bust with rug hooking, or you want to grow your knitting or crochet skill set, Lettuce Knit is sure to have the class for you.  We have however suspended fibre craft classes like weaving and spinning through the winter and summer because of space constraint. These classes can still be booked however based on demand and we’ll announce when a class is taking place. `So if you want to learn to weave, spin (drop spindle or spinning wheel) please contact us and we’ll make arrangements.  We know people, read Daf!  This way our classes can go beyond the usual beginner classes so it’s a win win.

So here’s a bit of the scoop in terms of “space constraint”. I think most of you have heard me lament that we pay an outrageous amount of money for rent for our puny store. That amount is not insignificant. Stores of our size pay something like $1,000 – $3500 less than we do — a month!!!! So while the location is great for some, the space itself, if you ask me, sucks! Our lease is up in September and I’m really hoping to move the store to a better location to serve you better. Stay tuned for news on that topic.

In addition to greeting you with a smile, providing our expertise in helping you select yarn and patterns, and winding your yarn when we can, did you know about the following services?

  • Private Lessons – We realize that our class schedule doesn’t always work with our clients’ schedules, or perhaps you prefer to learn one on one. So if you’re stuck on a project, want to learn a new stitch technique, want to seam that sweater you just finished, private classes are available for a mere $35/hr with Amelia and Scottie. Please email info@lettuceknit.com to book.
  • Private Parties and Shopping Nights – We can also accommodate groups for a Night-Out type of arrangement on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.  Please email info@lettuceknit.com to book.
  • Help – Have a quick question? You’re welcome to stop by and our staff will gladly help you get unstuck, provided the store isn’t too busy. There is a time limit that the staff can spend with you even if the store isn’t packed. I have high expectations and they have a lot of work to do so please keep that in mind.
  • Stitch Night – What is Stitch Night? At Lettuce Knit, it’s a party that happens every Wednesday night from 6:00 pm till 9:30/10:00. It is a gathering of crafty people who get together and stitch. All adults are welcome, whether you knit, crochet, needlepoint*, we welcome you. Stitch Night is not a place to ask for help however. It is a community event where you will laugh so hard your ribs will hurt, nibble on the various offerings of the night’s attendees, and there’s great food in Kensington Market. (fear not, there will be great food wherever we move).  We draw a crowd of between 15 – 30 people on any given Stitch Night even in -20 degree weather so we must be fun. I’m surprised by how frequently I am asked whether we charge a cover fee. Of course not!!!! And we’re not snobs, we welcome everyone — whether you’re a beginner or have been knitting your entire life! Stitch Night is not appropriate for children.
  • Commission work – need a show-stopper piece that you don’t have the time or inclination to make? Want a reproduction of a sample that is in the store, or another amazing item that you absolutely must have? We do that!! Email info@lettuceknit.com to make arrangements.
  • Yarn, hooks, notions and more Lots of it, predominantly hand dyed by incredible  Canadian artists like Julie Asselin, Shantiknits, Ancient Art Yarns, NBK, Riverside Studio, and US based artists like Blue Moon Fiber Arts and Artyarns.  We can also meet your solid workhorse yarn needs with Ontario’s Topsy Farms, along with Rowan, Berroco, Cascade, etc., etc. We have new talent coming into the store soon so again, stay tuned.

I wish you all everything you need and most of what you want in 2015!!!  Most of all, make time for you.  You work hard for the money, so make time for yourself, and have fun!

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook since we no longer send emails because of CASL. That’s where we post regularly the crazy stuff we’re up to and trust me, you don’t want to miss out!

Syl & Team, aka the Lettuce Knit Angels

(* we do not teach needlepoint)

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