South American Alpacas come to Toronto!

Hi everyone, it’s Amelia speaking!

Indiecita - 12

I’m really happy to be introducing some new-to-Lettuce Knit yarns today. These are a bit of a family pet-project for me since they were brought to us by my sister, via the hand-craft import company that she has been working for. They operate out of Ottawa and bring in all kinds of beautiful hand-made things from all over the world. On her most recent trip to South America, she was seeing alpaca yarn all over the place and jumped at the chance to bring some back to Canada with her. Although she’s not a knitter or crocheter, I was thrilled to see what she had picked out on this trip: two DK weights and a worsted weight.

Indiecita, one of the DKs, is a soft and luxurious 100% baby alpaca that comes in a wide variety of warm and earthy colours. At $12 per 50g skein, it’s perfect for everything from the smallest headband to the most luxurious afghan and everything in between. The evening blue colour is my new favourite.

Indiecita 15

Indiecita - 16

The remaining two yarns are both Alpaca Soft and although¬†their labels feature¬†very little english information, we can help you out with gauge, needles, and pattern choice to find the perfect thing to match your tastes. Here’s where the real deal is. These are only $6 for 50g and $10 for 100g. You won’t find alpaca yarn for this price anywhere else!

Alpaca Soft 50g - 3

Alpaca Soft 100g - 5

Working with a small company like this means that we’re able to keep our prices nice and low on these yarns. But this also means that they won’t last long in store! Come and see us to check them out and get a taste of South America in Kensington Market.

As a bonus, here’s Brenna sporting a new bodieKnits pattern inspired by the baby alpaca: “Where’s Walter?” made with two skeins of Indiecita DK.

Brenna, Where's Walter?

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3 Responses to South American Alpacas come to Toronto!

  1. Jessie Barbara says:

    Wowieieieie! Those look super fun! What a beautiful hat, Miss Bodie!

  2. Susan says:

    I’m from Sydney and I’m hunting for 8-10 balls of Indiecita DK baby alpaca in Navy 1660
    I’m half way through a project and my New Zealand supplier has sold out!

  3. Lettuce Knit says:

    Hello Susan, unfortunately we didn’t get any of the navy. The closest we have is a bold royal blue. I wish you luck finding more!

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