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Every homeowner wants his garden and premises to be as tidy and good looking as possible. Sometimes, over many years, a tree starts posing an obstacle to your desired garden look. Tree maintenance is absolutely essential, but sometimes it’s simply out of your hands. Maybe you were not around, not even the first owner, or the tree is simply too old and worn to strengthen and repair.

Trees can damage fences, both yours and your neighbor’s, damage the house with branches, and in extreme situations the soil around and beneath the house may be eroded due to far-stretching tree roots. A damaged house foundation from a mere tree is possible. Let’s not forget a damaged or rotting tree can die out completely and become an unstable stump, one ready to fall and not only damage your property, but endanger your family too.

Damaged and exposed trees also attract termites and other parasitic insects, many of which will also inhabit the wooden framing of your house later and cause even more damage.

Sometimes a completely healthy tree can be the culprit of your troubles, and in this case, it’s possible to relocate it to a spot more appropriate.


Chopping down a tree with an ax or saw is possible, but there are risks even with smaller trees. First of all, trees are deceptively heavy, and only an experienced person can properly gauge the necessary precautions for removal. If you cause any involuntary damage, you’ll be liable for much more than it would have cost to have it done for you by someone else. And let’s not forget the price tags of the tool you might need. It’s wise to, at the very least; consult a professional before doing small work on your own.

Looking for a professional tree removal service can be tricky for someone with no prior experience. Here are a couple of guidelines for doing your research.

Starting your search online is usually the way to go. Not only can you read all the information about a company, but also any reviews from their previous clients.

First and foremost, absolutely make sure that the company you choose for this job is certified and can properly assess the grounds of your property, including pipes, cables, heating, water, ground quality, etc. This is an absolute must in most situations. Research the online presence and reputation of the company, and only go for one that demonstrates authority in the field.

Make sure that the company has ties to your local regulations, including removal inspectors and their permits. A local search on Google is an easy way to find one under the same legal authority as your home.

Most companies will offer you a free quote, so prepare pictures or videos of the tree and surrounding property. Once on the scene, you can confirm that estimate with the on-site workers and talk to them about specifics beneath the surface, such as removing the leftover stump and pulling out the roots. When the work is completed, the workers will usually remove any leftover wood from your garden, and at this point, you can start planning for a new and healthy planting project. Don’t hesitate to ask the company for advice on how to plant and take care of a new tree. True removal professionals also hold extensive knowledge of the preemptive measures and will be happy to offer you a consult.

In conclusion, take action before an accident occurs or further damage builds up. Removing a tree that’s been there for decades or generation is definitely taxing on your heart, but at least it will never tax your wallet when done right!